More Tutorials Coming Soon

Mark Gottscho | Mar 27, 2017 min read

It’s been about two years since I did my last blog post. Been too busy with my PhD, I guess! Now that I should be done in the next few months, I am planning to begin actively posting on this blog again. I’ll be focusing on new relevant tutorials for computer architects and also be writing some posts that highlight interesting pieces of my dissertation. I plan to occasionally write an opinion piece relating to research topics I am working on. Here are a few possibilities of upcoming content:

  • An introductory architect’s guide to error-correcting codes, both theory and practice as applied to memory resiliency

  • Scripting Monte Carlo simulations of the AxBench suite to observe the impact of random errors on output quality

  • How to use, modify, and write extensions to my X-Mem memory micro-benchmark suite

Your suggestions are welcome! What would you like to see?

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